Watch Brands Populairty By Racing Star Drivers

Watch Brands Populairty By Racing Star Drivers

Top 3 Popular watch brands

There are several popular watch brands which have earned a lot of fame over the years because of their impeccable design and outstanding quality of the watches that are manufactured by these brands. Few of the most popular watch brands have collaborated with some of the world-famous race car drivers of all time. The following list contains watch brands popularity by racing car drivers. For more information visit this site and get wonderful ideas for watches.

1. Rolex

If you are trying to figure out watch brands popularity by racing car drivers then the world-renowned watchmaking company, Rolex is at the top of this list. The reason for that is the collaboration of Rolex with the charismatic Paul Newman. When it comes to the watch brands popularity by racing car drivers, then Paul Newman is the top choice amongst all race car drivers who have made it possible for Rolex to top the list. Not only was Paul Newman an amazing actor, he also had a passion for race car driving. He was seen sporting the Rolex Daytona on quite a few occasions at several racing car events. Even to this day, the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona is considered as a must-have vintage collector’s item and a few celebrities are even lucky enough to own this beautiful, legendary watch.

2. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer came on number 2 on the list of watch brands popularity by racing car drivers because of Steve McQueen and his role in the movie Le Mans. His role was so perfectly charismatic that it drew a lot of attention towards him and to the beautiful watch that he was wearing during the entirety of the movie. The watch design is quite unique with a blue dial and matching leather textured strap. The dial of the watch is square shaped with 2 chronographic square subdials that can be controlled by two push in buttons situated at either side of the watch crown. There were a number of other takes by other brands on this watch, inspired by Steve McQueen, but none of those watches came even near to the standard of the original.

3. Sinn

The Sinn Spezialuhren 917 GR watch has an outstanding watch design which looks like it was meant to be a professional race car driver after all. Rohrl was a spectacular driver of his time and the reason for him being so good at car racing and being precisely on time was the watch that he wore during his car races. While he had a lot of collaborations with several other watch brands, the one that stood out the most during the course of his race car driving career was the Spezialuhren 917 GR. The unique feature on this watch was firstly the resistance it had to fog along with the chronographic features that were included in the dial of this watch. This watch has 3 chronographic subdials each of which displays 12 hours, 60 seconds and 30 minutes with a crown and two chronographic buttons on one side and a crown on the other side which was for the purpose to adjust date feature.

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