Types of car racing

Types of car racing

Car racing is motorsport including the racing of cars for the race.

Following are the well known different types of car racing.

1. Formula Racing:

Formula racing is presumably the most popular expert type of car racing. This is a type of single-seater, circuit racing with open-wheel wherein the wheels of the vehicle are sited on the outer side of the body. The cars are specially crafted and fabricated, and races are directed in independent circuit tracks developed for formula racing. The most well-known and prestigious event of formula racing would be the Formula One’s Monaco Grand Prix.

2. Sports car racing:

Vehicles with the two seats are the sports cars with encased wheels with two kinds: production determined models or (GT) the grand tourers, plus the prototype.
For the sports car racing the most important championship series is the World FIA Endurance Championship, with GT1 FIA World Championship as its primary series for the GT car racing. In the US, the Grand-Am through its particular series of Rolex Sportscar endurance racing is additionally well known.

3. Stock car racing:

Mainstream for the most part in the US, production cars are used for the stock car racing that consists of customized particulars for racing purposes. It is generally done in oval tracks, where racers are pushed as far as possible over marvellous amounts of laps.

The most substantial governing body for the stock racing is (NASCAR) National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, which sorts out premier events of racing, for example, Daytona 500 and Sprint Cup Series.

4. Drag Racing:

A standout among the essential types of the sport, this type of car racing is a straight-line rivalry done of tracks or streets including the racing stunt termed as dragging. Cars included might go from conventional cars to the deliberately constructed dragsters, plus their point is to quicken as quick as conceivable to beat adversaries. A short distance track is used for drag racing, for the most part in 200 meters or 400 meters.

National Hot Rod Association is the primary managing body for the drag racing, with the divisions, for example, Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Super Street and Super Stock.

5. Rallying:

Including production-based cars, off-road zones or closed public roads are used to conduct rallying with fluctuating widths of roads, territory or climate situations. The courses in which rallying happens are either made of ice, snow, asphalt and gravel. Racers more often than not keep running in a point-to-point setup, leaving in standard interims from beginning points.

The best administrative body for the rallying car racing is the World Rally Championship.

6. Touring Car Racing:

With the utilization of production derived cars from various organizations with similar execution particulars, the touring car racing is arranged. Particular race tracks are used for this race and are well known in Australia, Europe and UK.

Most important touring car racing occasions overall incorporate the Supercars Championship, British Touring Car Championship and World Touring Car Championship.

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