Top 3 Car Races of the World

Top 3 Car Races of the World

There are several sports that people indulge in around the world. Each sport has a competitive event during the year which helps with picking out the best amongst the group of people who participate in that sports event. Having these competitions prove to be very helpful for the sports enthusiasts as they train for the big day vigorously as they try to prove that they are the best competitor for that particular sport.

For example, for tennis, there are several competitions held over the course of the year such as the French Open or Wimbledon, with Wimbledon being the biggest sports event that is held when it comes to tennis. Similarly, for football, the biggest competitive event that is held every four years is the FIFA World Cup which is basically a competition between different countries’ football teams; there are several smaller events that are held during the year, as well.

Same is the case for car racing. There are several car races of the world which are considered as major events and a lot of different professional drivers compete in these events. Car racing is a very interesting sport, yet quite dangerous at the same time. Some major car races of the world have brand endorsements and sponsorships for drivers to advertise their products. While there are several racing car events that are held around the world, it is impossible to include all of them in one place. So, the top 10 car races in the world are as follows

1. Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is one of the most renowned car races in the world. This is a racing event which initially launched several decades ago and has been held religiously on an annual basis since then. The racing track for the Grand Prix is located in Monaco and it is quite a difficult car race to be a part of since the streets of Monaco are very congested so it is only possible for professional car racers to take part in this event. The track extends and turns with some tricky corners to take into consideration. At some point, there are even tunnels which you have to go through within the track in order to complete the race.

Since it is a car racing event, the fast speed is obviously a given. Something that is quite interesting to note that leaves most people awestruck is how talented the racers are. It is not at all a simple task to make your way through tight spaces, dips and turns at the speed which the drivers drive their racing cars at. This racing event is held every single year in the month of May. This is also one of the most expensive car races in the world because the drivers are required to update their cars according to the rules and regulations which change as each year passes by.

2. IndyCar

The Indianapolis 500 car race is held in America every year. This is on the list of some of the special car races of the world since the event is held over the weekend which is considered as the Memorial Day in America. This racing event began even earlier than the Grand Prix and is still held every year to this day. Most of the car races of the world have a rich history and a lot of purpose behind them as each event is held in the memory of or to commemorate something important.

While this is another difficult racing event which demands a lot from the drivers, the way the end of the competition is wrapped up may seem a bit weird to most people. While usually winners get trophies and are awarded cash prizes, the Indianapolis 500 takes a completely different route. Since the venus was paved in bricks, it is considered as a tradition for the winner to kiss the finish line, which is made from bricks. Moreover, to applaud the success of the racer, a milk bottle is offered to the person who wins the IndyCar race.

3. 24 Hours of Le Mans

As is quite apparent from the title of this car racing event, the 24 Hours of Le Mans has to be the most intense car races in the world. Over the years, rules and regulations of other car races have been changed to fit the current safety or incorporate other modern updates. But none of these changes has been applied to the Le Mans car racing event. This is a 24-hour race which not only requires a lot of speed but a very composed, strong mind which can bear the tough situations that need to be overcome in order to finish the race.

This is the only race in the entire world where it does not matter what condition the racer’s car is in, whether there has been a crash or even if the car breaks down, the track has to be completed all 8.5 miles of it so that the race can end. Due to the non-existing rules and regulations within this race, it is impossible for every other racer to take part in this race. There are a very limited number of professional car racers who can endure the stress of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It is a dream for most professional racers to be able to take part in the Le Mans racing competition and then actually winning it.

These top 3 car races of the world have earned outstanding fame and respect over the years. Each of these racing events is more than 50 years old and have a historical background to them. There have been remarkable professional racers who have taken part in these events. The recent racers take inspiration from the legendary racers and motivate themselves to perform better with each passing year. It is very important for the racer to have complete control over the car if winning is the top priority for them. That is the main determinant to winning any of these prestigious car races of the world.

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