The 3 worst car movies of all time

The 3 worst car movies of all time

There are a number of movies about racing cars that have a good rating and people usually love the majority of the movies in this category. There is usually not much to hate in a movie about cars, however, there are several in line for being named the worst possible movies about cars ever to be made. These movies have been produced/directed in such a haphazard way that the story makes no sense to the audience. Either that or a decent storyline has not been directed so sloppily that it ruined the entire movie.

1. Need For Speed (2014)

Surprisingly enough, Need for Speed is on the list despite being one of the most played and highly reviewed games about racing cars, of all time. While the movie does involve a lot of cars and car stunts, there is little to no originality to the plot of this movie. Aside from originality, there is the lack of a strong plot altogether. Therefore, this movie is pretty much a waste of time and a huge letdown for all the Need For Speed game fans who were anxiously waiting for a movie version of their favorite game.

2. The Fate of the Furious (2017)

This is yet another popular name in the category of racing cars which is listed as one of the worst car movies ever. While the franchise has been able to grow huge over the years, it seems like now they are just bringing out new parts to the franchise just for the fame and the money. The plots of the more recent movies have been quite non-existent and there is no excitement left to what the franchise originally started as; their concepts seem very disconnected from the original ones. The focus is especially on the latest one, The Fate of the Furious, which has top-notch racing cars and racing scenes, but the plot is too weak to be enjoyable.

3. 200 MPH (2011)

This is the kind of a movie which tries really hard, a bit too hard, and ends up failing miserably. The basic idea behind this movie is very “Fast and Furious” and “Need for Speed”, the plot and the quality of the movie, however, do not even come close to any of these original racing car movies. The budget of this movie was extremely limited which is quite an obvious reason for the movie’s incredibly flawed performance; it was a failure for a movie since the very beginning. The making of the movie was so mismanaged that the main racing car which was an RX-7 by Mazda ended up changing into a Nissan 240sx.

This list of the 3 worst car movies shows how important it is to spend some extra amount of time and effort on the plot of the movie rather than acting out big scenes and debuting new cars in the movie. you may have the best cars in the movie, but if the plot of the movie is extremely weak, there is no way that the movie will receive a positive response from the critics and the general audience as well.

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