Lamborghini: The Company’s Evolution Over The Years

Lamborghini: The Company’s Evolution Over The Years

Lamborghini is one of those brands that has established a very firm ground in the car manufacturing industry over the years that it has been in business and is still going as strong as ever! The story behind the evolution of Lamborghini is quite an interesting one because the brand is well-known for its iconic, bold car designs. The owner of Lamborghini designed his first car in the year 1963, which was a typical vintage car.

By the late 60s, the evolution of Lamborghini started moving towards their signature car design. The company released a lot of red cars in the 60s decade and all of them were quite unique designs, to be more precise, not one car looked similar or close to a design on any of the other cars manufactured in that decade.

In the 1970s, Lamborghini started experimenting more with bolder car designs that had either never been done before or just built up with better features on existing designs. One car from the 1970s that stood out, but not for good reasons, was the Countach. While the colour of the car was on point and even the design looked visually pleasing, the car had several issues with the design. The problem with this release was that the design seemed so calculated that it ended up ruining the comfortability of the car. A lot of people ended up complaining about the fact that it was almost impossible to see where they were going, which is a very alarming thing.

The 80s, yet again, were a very confusing decade for the company as far as their creativity regarding designs was concerned. For the entire decade, it seemed like the evolution of Lamborghini was at a standstill. The company was not moving forward with their designs, rather, they were just stuck with their older designs and they kept tweaking a few things here and there on their older versions and released them with a new name.

Now, coming into the 90s, the fog started clearing up and the designers working for the company started putting out newer designs with improved features than the previous cars on which Lamborghini was working. During the 1990s, Lamborghini designed and manufactured a new version of a car called Diablo. Pretty much throughout the 90s, Lamborghini spent quite a considerable amount of time changing a few things on the Diablo to improve the experience of the users but overall, this car received a positive response from all over the world.

During the 2000s, the evolution of Lamborghini skyrocketed across the roof and set bars so high that a lot of companies had to step up their game in order to compete with the newer sleek designs by Lamborghini. This immediate change of designs and improvements in the specifications that were used in the cars was because the company was now under Audi and the designs were being created within the company rather than with someone from the outside.

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