History Of Ferrari Cars

History Of Ferrari Cars

Ferrari Rise of the world’s best car making company

The history of Ferrari cars is something that would interest a large proportion of the population, even if the majority of those people are not obsessed with cars. This is because there are just a handful of car companies in the world, which make racing cars, that are extremely popular and even if someone does not know about the company, they would have at least heard the name of the company at some point in their life. Ferrari is one such company, whose name has earned quite a well-deserved spot and is huge in the racing car industry.

So how the history of Ferrari cars begins is that the owner of this company was obsessed with designing cars and actually building them as well. he was so well aware of the mechanism used in cars that he was made a driver in a big company in 1924 and he achieved a milestone within 5 years of being in that position. He found Scuderia Ferrari which basically helped the drivers of race cars and assisted them during their driving experience.

Due to his extreme dedication, hard work and quick, visible results, Ferrari was appointed as the head of the company he initially worked for but he decided to pursue his own dreams and aspirations instead of sitting behind a desk managing things. His new company was not named after his name since he was under contract to not work on racing cars for a number of years since he just left a job with the same nature of work.

So, continuing with the journey regarding the history of Ferrari cars, the company faced a little bit of a halt in its business workings under the previous brand name due to the eruption of the WWII. However, after things eventually settled down, Ferrari got back to business and built a number of cars that raged over the racing tracks and owned every other car that competed with Ferrari cars. The brand was able to produce several hundred cars which performed perfectly on the road and during this time, the company earned its legendary popularity.

Since Ferrari was running this company majorly by himself with a few team members of course, but they did not have a lot of options to finance the production and maintenance that was necessary for the company to prosper. In the light of this, Ferrari decided to sell half of the shares of Ferrari to another car making company by the name of Fiat; this number later went on the increase to 90% of the shares of Ferrari being held by Fiat. But, with a change of events recently, within the two years of 2015 and 2016, Ferrari was able to establish itself as an independent company by selling company shared on the world’s most renowned stock exchange companies situated in New York and Milan.

Not a single brand/company rises to the top overnight. The history of Ferrari cars is a perfect example that it takes several years and a lot of hard work to reach the top.

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