4 extremely fuel efficient racing cars

4 extremely fuel efficient racing cars

In the recent years, more and more people are becoming cautious of the footprint they leave on Earth and the repercussions of it. Due to this reason, the companies are becoming careful about environmental preservation as well. They launch products that use lesser harmful chemicals and are better for the environment in general. In the case of production of racing cars, the focus by companies is on the fuel efficiency of the cars they produce so they use less fuel, therefore preserving and saving the environment from any further harm.

1. Ford Mustang

Ford is a huge name in the car industry. The founder of the company, Henry Ford, was the first person to introduce the idea of using assembly line method so that it is more time efficient to mass produce the cars. The Ford Mustang is another proof of the level of efficiency that is used by the company in the production of its cars. The car gives an average of 8.1 km/litre in the city and a 13.2 k/litre average on the highway which is quite amazing for a racing car.

2. Audi TT

Audi has to be the most popular and the most highly demanded racing car there is available. The perfect design and the luxurious feel of the car are what set it aside from the number of cars that are in competition with this brand. If you were not already convinced about owning an Audi, you may want to reconsider since it has added another feature to the long list of already existent features: fuel efficiency. The new Audi TT allows an average of 9.8 km/litre in the city and an average highway mileage of 13.2 km/litre which is the exact same as the Ford Mustang.

3. Lotus Elise

While the exterior design of this car is quite unique and will surely be the cause of turning several heads towards itself, which is not the only good thing about this car. This is one of those racing cars that come with a complete package. As outstanding as it is on the outside, it is equally perfect from the inside. While some may consider the horsepower to be lower than the rest of the cars available, the mileage is what catches the attention of most. The fuel efficiency of this car has to be one of the best with a 14.5 km/litre in the city and an astonishing 23.8 km/litre on the highway. If your preference in a car is how fuel efficient it is, then this has to be on the list of your best possible options.

4. Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla, the man who introduced electricity to this world, had a vision that was way ahead of his time. Now the company has sworn to bring his ideas to life. The idea of an electric car seems quite impossible to imagine, but it has been done and quite successfully so. This Tesla car is able to provide with the best driving experience without worrying about any fuel consumption at all.

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